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Annual Michael Troy Benefit Concert has established itself as SouthCoast Musicians' Love Fest
By Lauren Daley, SouthCoast Today

“Michael Troy was SouthCoast’s own (John) Prine.”

“He turned simple words, simple truths, and plain life into poem-songs. Songs about hard luck, closed mills, long nights at the bar, nice kids gone wrong. Songs about hard work, life at sea, growing old. Authentic as hell. Any one of them could make you Feel. All of them oozed hard truths and pure love...”

Michael Troy, known for sad yet beautiful songs about Fall River, dies at 64
By Kevin O’Connor, The Herald News, Fall River, MA

“He was a good guy,” said Patrick Norton, president of the Narrows. “We go way back. He played at the old Narrows and it was the biggest show we ever had there. Then he opened for Richie Havens when we went to our current place. That was the first show we sold out...”

In Memory of Michael Troy
By Dave Palmater, WUMB Radio Network

“The thing about Michael’s songs is that you believe every word of them, every line of every song. That’s because Michael has seen it, done it, and been it. His songs are about real people who have real lives. People who work and love and triumph over the everyday obstacles that we all face, and sometimes fail. He writes of the people that populate the seacoast of his native Massachusetts but are they that different from the people that you know? And as soon as you've heard the songs don’t you feel like you’ve known them all your life?...”

Michael Troy Releases his fourth CD,
‘I Am American’

By Mathew Smith, Folk Web Music Director

“You don't hear a lot of music like Michael Troy’s these days, and it's a shame. Cut from the same cloth as folks like Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Phil Ochs and Bill Staines, Michael has stories to tell...”

Songs from the Spindle City
By Rick Foster, Sun Chronicle Staff

“Troy’s gravelly voice and true-to-life lyrics invite comparisons to Bob Dylan, but it’s clear that Troy is marching to his own drumbeat. And why shouldn’t he?...”

Michael Troy’ folk material is steeped in Fall River and local life
By James Reed, Standard-Times correspondent

“In 1998, he became an earnest singer-songwriter, penned an album’s worth of songs, performed at Boston’s Club Passim and opened for folk luminary Bill Staines. Oh, and Bill Morrissey, one of New England’s premier troubadours, is already a big fan. He told Mr. Troy that himself, after a fan had passed along a copy of Mr. Troy’s album, "Whispers in the Wind...”

Having beaten cancer, Michael Troy is back
and ready to play

By Sean McCarthy, The Fall River Spirit, Fall River MA

“Michael Troy is an area treasure. So when the popular folk singer was stricken with cancer – not once, but twice – there was a great outpouring of support from the local community about which he so often sings.”

“The support we received was a silver lining on a very dark cloud,” says Troy’s wife, Mary Lou Manuels.

“I was humbled by all the support I received,” Troy says. “Folk music is a small genre but what they have done for me is mind boggling. They gave me what I needed to keep going. I’ve got a great family and a great fan base...”