About Michael

A local of Fall River, Massachusetts and now residing in neighboring Somerset, Michael has been playing solo sets and supporting others with a varied showcase of his own work for over 20 years. However, in the past 8 years, Michael has devoted more time to his music...the results of which are collected in his debut release, "Whispers in the Wind" and his second release "Romancing the Moon."

Michael will tell you he has lived several lives this time around... mill worker, fisherman, laborer and carpenter...however he has always come back to his first love which is music...

Michael is married with 4 daughters (who inspired the poignant lullaby on "Whispers in the Wind"), all of whom play music.

In January 1998, Michael began to make Tuesday night treks to Cambridge, MA to perform at Club Passim's open mics. Later that year, he was offered an opening gig for Bill Staines, and so started the idea of creating a recording.

He is a familiar figure on the Massachusetts folk scene, playing his own original blend of folk and bluegrass and showcasing his songwriting talents.

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